Lab Members and Affiliates



Kevin Tobia

Research Affiliate and Lab PI

John Mikhail

Research Affiliate

James Giordano

Research Affiliate



Kevin Tobia is an Assistant Professor at Georgetown Law.




Kendra Robbins

Lab Manager and Research Assistant


Zara Mahmood

Research Affiliate


Eric Martinez

Research Affiliate


Research Affiliate

Kendra Robbins


Zara is a 2L at Georgetown Law. She is interested in civil rights law and has worked as an intern at a boutique employment law firm. She received a B.A. in psychology and a double minor in anthropology and political science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Zara's senior thesis involved studying dehumanization and she is interested in learning more about bias and the concept of self within a legal context. 

Eric Martinez is a PhD student in brain and cognitive sciences at MIT, and a research fellow at the Legal Priorities Project. Eric is interested in understanding (a) how legal experts and laypeople understand and interpret legal concepts, (b) how this relates to issues of moral and social cognition and (c) how these insights might be harnessed in order to improve the legal system for all of our benefit.

Some Recent Collaborators

ETH Zurich, Center for Law & Economics

Experimental Jurisprudence Cross-Cultural Study Exchange

Elliott Ash

John Bronsteen

Maria Teresa Sala Climent

Benjamin Chen

Brian Earp

Julian de Freitas

Ivar Hannikainen

Gregory Klass

Joshua Knobe

Stephen Latham

Brian Leiter

Jonathan Masur

John Mikhail

George Newman

Aileen Nielsen

David Rose

Jonathan Schaffer

David Shoemaker

Alexander Stremitzer

Stephen Stich

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